How can I deactivate (hide) or reactivate a candidate?

Deactivating or reactivating a candidate

You are able to hide (deactivate) or reactivate any candidates within the system. By default, deactivated candidates are not displayed which can make it easier to work with if you are dealing with large numbers of candidates.

Deactivating a candidate – On the manage candidates page there is a active/non-active column which shows the status of the candidate. By clicking on the active button in this column next to the candidate name you are able to deactivate a candidate

Reactivating candidates – To reactivate a candidate click on the ‘show inactive candidates’ tick box, then search for the candidate using any of the methods above. We recommend using the email address when looking for an individual candidate as this will be unique to that one candidate. Once you have found the candidate, click on the non-active button this will reactivate the candidate.

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