How do I search tests?

Searching tests

There are several ways to search for a tests:

  • Search by groups – You can assign a group to a candidate when you create their profile. You can read more about this in the add candidate section. From the ‘Send test’ search function, you are able to search the tests from all of the candidate associated with all the groups you have created.

  • Search by country – The drop down box allows you to search for all of the tests from the candidates that are from an individual country.

  • Search by email address, first name or last name – This is the easiest way to search for a test assigned to an individual candidate as their email address will be unique to them.

  • Search by Status – The drop down box allows you to search by the tests associated with the candidate’s current test status. These can be seen below:

    • Pending Tests – All the tests that you have sent that have not been completed but are still within the 24 hour time frame that the candidate is given
    • Expired Tests – All of the tests that were not completed
    • Completed Tests – All the tests that have been completed
  • Search by date – This functions allow you to search all tests assigned within a certain time. These are listed below:
    • Tests assigned on that day
    • Tests assigned within the last seven days
    • Tests assigned within the last thirty days
    • Tests assigned within the last month
    • Tests within a custom range, select any date range for displaying tests.

Note: The default date is all tests within the last year. Remember to reset all of the search filters when searching for a new candidate.

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