How can I view a candidates results?

Viewing candidates results

The Examagram test certificate shows all of the information needed to assess the candidate’s results. It is has a unique hyperlink that can be accessed at any time online (you do not have to be logged in to see this). You can copy the URL and display in a report or an email to someone else. This is what is sent to the third party person when you run this action. The information contained in the Examagram test certificate is as follows:

  • The amount of time that the candidate took to complete the test.
  • The Examagram score that the candidate achieved in the test, which is a mark out of 1000.
  • The CEFR Level that the candidate achieved in the test. There are 6 levels. There is a description of the CEFR level below. The description indicates the level and the capabilities of the candidate’s English competence.
  • The graph plots 3 bars which represent the candidates Examagram score, the average Examagram score from the candidate’s country and finally the average Examagram for all tests throughout the world. It is important to remember that the higher the Examagram score the higher the better the result, without exception.
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