What happens during a candidate test?

What happens during a candidate test?

Once a test is sent to a candidate they will receive an email with instructions and a unique link which will take them to their test. Following the link gives an overview of what to expect, and looks like the following:

Examagram is an online English test that will examine your English competence. This is an exciting opportunity to prove your skills in this area. Please note the following:

  • The test will expire in two days, you must complete the test before the expiry time.
  • You must finish the test once you have started, you cannot pause the test.
  • The test is timed, you will be given a maximum of 30 minutes to complete the test.
  • The test will become harder as you go along, please ensure that you complete all 60 questions.
  • You will only get one attempt at each question.
  • You and the person who sent you the test will instantly receive the results of your test once you have completed it.

Some advice before you start:

  • As the test is timed, every second counts. We strongly advise that you lock yourself in a room with no chance of distraction. Even 5 minutes of interruption can greatly change your performance and results.
  • Do not spend more than 30 seconds on a single question. It is important that you give yourself time to complete all of the questions.
  • DO NOT let others help you. This test is to assess your English, if you get others to help it will not give a true reflection of your ability.
  • Please visit www.examagram.com for further information about the service and how to compare your test results.

The benefits of completing the test are stated below:

  • A good performance will increase you career prospects with job applications etc.
  • You will receive a unique test results link that is accessible from the internet. Therefore, you will be able to hyperlink this result to your CV, website or other electronic documents.
  • It will give you confidence and assurance on the strength of your English competence and also inform you if you need to improve in this area.
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